February 14, 2018

The Year in Review: Cooley Dickinson Health Care’s Interactive 2017 Annual Report

February 14, 2018

Annual Report 2017

2017 was a year that brought many changes, challenges, and opportunities for the Pioneer Valley and for Cooley Dickinson Health Care. As we reflect, we would like to thank all of our patients, staff, donors, volunteers and community partners for everything you have done over the last year, including helping to create new pediatric rehabilitation options for area children, funding the planning and construction of our new Breast Center and addressing pressing issues of public health like mental health parity and the opioid crisis.

Our Annual Report gives a great overview of everything we’ve accomplished this year, and honors the people who helped us achieve it. It tells you how and where we’ve been able to expand our locations and services, gives an account of how many people we serve through all of our various disciplines, and shows you how our organization funds all of its ongoing needs. The online version of our report (below), is much more than a flip-book version of the printed report; it’s a living document that features interactive graphics, audio and video that tells the story of our year through the words, images and people who keep Cooley Dickinson going and who show, in deeply personal and sometimes genuinely moving ways, how we care for everyone in the Pioneer Valley, one person at a time.


You can read our interactive Annual Report online Here: