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October 11, 2019

October 2019 You Make A Difference Award Winner: Jennifer Crocker

October 11, 2019

You Make A Difference Award, October 2019

Jennifer Crocker

Jen comes to work each day with a smile on her face and a detailed plan to deliver excellent care to her patients. Whether it is dressing up a patient’s child in scrubs and making that child her “assistant” for the day or ensuring that a patient has a peaceful and respectful death. Jen makes sure that she provides compassionate, high quality care to ALL her patients and their families.

Jen not only ensures an excellent experience for her patients, she also focuses on team building activities with her valued coworkers. She has gone above and beyond to plan trips to the casino and a local winery for her colleagues to have fun time to bond as a team, and she opens up her house to everyone on the unit for our annual Holiday Celebration!

Jen is devoted to Cooley Dickinson patients, their families, and to her coworkers. Her positive nature and great sense of humor makes every day a great day.

Thank you, Jen, you are making a difference!

You Make A Difference Award, September 2019

Megan McCarthy

Whenever a particularly challenging patient care situations arises in the Behavioral Health Department, Megan is called upon to be part of the solution.  Her calm, caring, and highly professional manner complements her characteristic ability to connect with even the most distraught patients. She actively brainstorms effective resolutions and works collaboratively with patients and other departments to bring calm to persons who are experiencing difficult moments.

She willingly responds to patient situations throughout the hospital and is recognized for her skills to quickly assess the situation and assist with compassion.   It is clear that Megan cares deeply about her patients and seeks to provide them with a healing experience.  She makes a difference for patients who are in particular need of support and compassion, and she does this with compassion and humor.

Thank you Megan, you are making a difference!

You Make A Difference Award, August 2019

Left-to-Right: Jenn Jalbert, John Duggan, and Brandon Stacey.

John Duggan

John Duggan is the winner of the August 2019 You Make A Difference Award. John is a long-term, second-shift employee on the Transportation team who has seen the staffing challenges in the Environmental Service department and has taken those challenges head on as an opportunity for collaboration.

By cross training and learning new skills, John works in an EVS role for the Emergency Department and continues to provide exceptional customer service to patients and his Cooley Dickinson colleagues who depend on Transportation.

What sets John apart is that he provides exemplary, top-notch service excellence in both roles. He has filled in to cover critical second and third shifts, and he will stay late so that he can set up the next shifts for success. Because of his commitment to quality, patients and staff in the Emergency Department are leaving glowing reviews for his work! He has been proactive about learning and has shown a strong desire to do the right thing by our hospital and all our patients. In fact, John’s expertise in both EVS and Transportation allows him to provide enhanced services to our patients.

Congratulations John! You are making a difference!

You Make A Difference Team Award, Fall 2019

Radiation Oncology Team

Congratulations to the Radiation Oncology Team for winning the August 2019 You Make A Difference Team Award! The Radiation Oncology staff are highly collaborative among their team, and with colleagues throughout Cooley Dickinson and at Massachusetts General Hospital. This collaboration and open communication uniquely positions them to provide seamless access to highly specialized care that is unlike what any other community hospital can provide.

They have pulled together time and time again, always keeping the patients’ experience at the center of what they do. No matter the challenge, they come out stronger, tougher, and more committed to Cooley’s mission of providing compassionate and personalized care for patients and their families.

The team recently collaborated on a project to bring in new CT equipment that greatly benefited our patients and they did this while their patient volume doubled! The Radiation Oncology team always jumps right in and works together to make sure that our patients are well informed and taken care of.

Thank you for your dedication. You are making a difference!

You Make A Difference Award, July 2019

Amanda Dixon

As the charge nurse in the Critical Care Unit for the day shift, Amanda goes above and beyond to ensure that all patients in the unit are treated with the utmost compassionate, patient-centered, and high-quality care that they deserve. Amanda has high standards for her team and for the care that they deliver to Cooley Dickinson patients and families. Her compassion and respect do not stop with patients though, Amanda also has a reputation for treating her coworkers with respect and kindness.

Amanda is highly skilled and is an essential resource for staff throughout the hospital as she attends to Rapid Responses and Code situations. Her first thought is always for the patient and how she can make their experience as comfortable as possible. She always takes the time to learn about what matters most to her patients so that she can provide them with compassionate care that is personalized and geared toward their preferences and their values.

One of Amanda’s many strengths is providing compassionate end of life care that empowers patients and their families to take ownership of their care. She treats every patient with dignity and respect, every time.

Amanda, Thank you for making a difference!

You Make A Difference Award, June 2019

Amy Walker, CNM

Amy Walker is a compassionate, creative, and collaborative Certified Nurse Midwife here at Cooley. She has shown her skill and dedication through her work to establish the New Beginnings program to help pregnant people who are recovering from substance use disorders.

Amy cares deeply about all new parents and babies and is committed to providing them with compassionate, non-judgmental, and top-quality care. She believes in the power of peer support and education that can address the complex medical and social needs of pregnant people during a vulnerable time in their lives.

Thank you, Amy, for your determination to make our community a healthier and more compassionate place for everyone.

You Make A Difference Award, April 2019

Jennifer Sullivan, PAC

Patient Access Coordinator Jennifer Sullivan is the April winner of the You Make A Difference Award, and is in a role that she loves—helping people face to face.

Jenny stands out for her support of Cooley Dickinson Patients with both a high level of expertise and sincere empathy. She knows that it is a privilege to care for people in our community and is working successfully to improve the way we collaborate with and support our patients.

Thank you, Jennifer, for putting our patients first and for using your creativity and compassion to make Cooley Dickinson Hospital a better place! You Make A Difference!

 You Make A Difference Award, March 2019

Skarlleth Kauffmann, PCA

North 3 Patient Care Associate Skarlleth Kauffmann is the winner of the March You Make A Difference Award because of her kindness and dedication to Cooley Dickinson patients. Nurse Manager Nicole Fisette says that Skarlleth’s coworkers describe her as someone who is “gentle, conscientious, and a pleasure to work with.” She is known to use her own form of medicine—humor, laughter, and the ability to be in the moment—to craft experiences for her patients that exceed typical expectations for a hospital stay.

One example of her commitment to patient experience and well-being happened when she found out that a patient was just a few days away from celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary. Skarlleth talked with the patient about writing a love letter to their spouse, and provided them with pen and paper. That might be enough for some, but not for Skarlleth, who found out the couple’s wedding song, and talked a friend into learning to play the song. She picked up a bouquet of roses and an anniversary card, and arranged for a sweet, kind-hearted surprise.  The patient’s spouse and family arrived for a visit and were serenaded with an impromptu performance and celebration as they walked into the room.

Thank you Skarlleth, for putting our patients first! You Make A Difference!

You Make A Difference Award, February 2019

Tammie Foster, OT

Occupational Therapist Tammie Foster is the February winner of the You Make A Difference Award because of her dedication to the well-being of Cooley Dickinson patients.

Tammie received multiple glowing nominations highlighting her skills and her compassion. Atwood Occupational Therapist Karen Kelley had this to say: “Tammie helps patients realize they are still valued and can still function and contribute, even with limited capacities. she builds a therapeutic relationship that turns into friendship.”

Several of Tammie’s nominators shared that Tammie has gone above and beyond for a patient or coworker, including times she has stepped in to cover for someone who was out sick or has driven to more distant offices to help a patient in need.

One particular story stands out. When Tammie was leaving work one day, she happened upon a patient who was being discharged and waiting for a cab. Tammie was worried that the patient was not well enough to be discharged, so she took the time to stop, take vitals, and reach out to nursing and transport staff. Tammie followed the patient home to make sure they were able to get home safely. The patient was later readmitted. Tammie trusts in her good instincts and skills, which makes a difference for all of our patients.

Tammie demonstrates all the values of Cooley Dickinson: Quality, Compassion, Collaboration, Respect, and Integrity. Thank you, Tammie, for being an inspiration to all of us at Cooley Dickinson. You Make A Difference!

You Make A Difference Award, January 2019

Sheryl Moriarty, RN

Sheryl Moriarty has been part of the team at the VNAH for over 20 years and has never let her commitment to quality patient care slip below anything less than her number one priority. Currently the VNAH’s Clinical Support & Education Nurse, she sets the bar high for herself and her coworkers and then continues to raise it. That is why Sheryl is the January recipient of the You Make A Difference Award.

Sheryl is someone who is not intimidated by change –  in fact, it inspires and motivates her to step up and take more responsibility. She takes charge of ensuring excellent patient care and is able to address issues with swift precision and, most importantly, empathy.

She makes a habit of discussing concerns with every single nurse, and this has led not only to a boost in morale, but also to cost savings by optimizing how we use supplies. Her collaborative spirit makes everyone accountable for continuously improving the care that we deliver.

Sheryl truly makes a difference in our patients’ lives, and the lives of her coworkers every single day.

You Make A Difference Award, Dec. 2018

William Murphy, RN

Bill Murphy has been an RN at Cooley Dickinson for over 31 years and we are very fortunate to have him as part of our team. Bill is tremendously respected by patients and by his peers, and that is why he is the December recipient of the You Make A Difference Award.

Bill receives a substantial number of thank-you letters and cards from patients due to his exceptional clinical skills and the relationships that he is able to form with patients and their families. In a recent thank-you note, a patient’s spouse wrote about how scary it was to wait alone in the ED during a procedure, that is, until Bill brought in a cup of tea and a warm smile.

Bill not only demonstrates the high quality of care we expect at Cooley Dickinson, he coaches his coworkers and advocates for better care as part of his daily routine. His actions speak volumes, and we are proud of all that he has accomplished.

You Make A Difference Award, Nov. 2018

Joanna Pheasant, NP

Williamsburg Internal Medicine Nurse Practitioner Joanna Pheasant inspires her coworkers with the level of kindness and care she gives every day and exemplifies Cooley Dickinson values by demonstrating compassion and showing respect for her patients and coworkers. That is why Joanna is the November recipient of the You Make A Difference Award.

Williamsburg’s practice is growing every day, and as workloads have increased, Joanna has continued to support the practice by providing walk-in care to patients-which is not an easy balancing act.

Many of her patients have complicated and challenging needs, and Joanna steps up to provide them all with compassionate and personalized care. She always takes the time to explain a diagnosis and set treatment expectations in a way that makes her patients empowered and informed participants in achieving their health goals.

Nominator Kelly Hughes wrote that Joanna’s “appreciation for the work we all do has warmed my heart and set an example of the type of coworker I want to be.”

You Make A Difference Award, Oct. 2018

Brian Sheils

Brian is an invaluable member of the Cooley Dickinson Performance Improvement Team, and a data investigation prodigy. Brian LEANs in to challenges and upholds the quality of care at Cooley Dickinson by maintaining our data and systems and collaborating across the organization to provide creative solutions to complex situations.

He took the initiative to really get to know the data streams in EPIC and taught himself how to use the reporting and dashboard functions—now he is the expert. He has uncovered and brought attention to lost work-queues and is dedicated to improving quality of care for our patients.

Brian is also known to excel at coaching staff in a respectful and highly effective way to work through problems and improve productivity.

You Make A Difference Award, Sept. 2018

Samantha Trudel

Samantha Trudel is the September winner of the You Make A Difference Award at Cooley Dickinson.  Sam received multiple nominations from her coworkers in Women’s Health because of her commitment to making every patient interaction welcoming and special.

Sam has been with Cooley Dickinson for 5 years and has been working hard at making a difference for both coworkers and patients since her very first day. She is known for bringing great ideas and enthusiasm to her work, and for living the Cooley Dickinson values of Integrity, Compassion, Collaboration, Respect, and Quality.

Tanya Roy had this to say about Sam: “She is compassionate with patients, co-workers, and every person she meets. Sam is caring, hard-working, and always willing to go above and beyond”.

Congratulations Samantha. You Make A Difference!

You Make A Difference Award, August 2018

Sammy Rosa

Sammy Rosa is the first winner of the new You Make A Difference Award at Cooley Dickinson.  His coworkers on the evening shift on North 3 know him as an exceptional Patient Care Associate who has a talent for making meaningful connections with the patients he serves every day. No matter what a patient needs, Sammy always demonstrates compassion and acts with integrity.

Sammy has been with Cooley Dickinson for 15 years and has never passed a day without bringing his big smile and upbeat personality to work with him. You can tell that he is making a difference by the easy conversations and laughter that float out into the hallway whenever he is in the room.

Sammy says that the “best part of working with patients hands on is that they are living, breathing tomes of information and experiences” that enhance our own lives. His advice for approaching every work day? “Stay cool, in temperature and in attitude.”

The nominator had this to say about Sammy, “He’s one of the best and sets a high standard for all his coworkers. His kind-hearted positive approach makes him a pleasure to work with.”

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