December 16, 2020

COVID-19 Vaccine Arrives at Cooley Dickinson Hospital

December 16, 2020

Cooley Dickinson Hospital received its initial allotment of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and will begin vaccinating front-line health care workers – staff in the Emergency Department, ICU, and those who are providing care to COVID-positive patients – on Thursday, Dec. 17.

Cooley Dickinson’s initial allotment of the COVID-19 vaccine arrived today, in advance of the hospital’s first vaccination clinic Thursday.

“I am so proud of Cooley Dickinson’s health care providers and all the selfless ways they have cared for our community over the last 9 months of this pandemic,” said Cooley Dickinson Chief Medical Officer Dr. Estevan Garcia.

“By enthusiastically receiving the COVID vaccine, our staff and clinicians are again thinking of our community and wanting to slow the spread of the coronavirus,” he said.

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“The vaccine is promising, and as the vaccine becomes more available and widely administered in 2021 I am hopeful more people will be protected from COVID.”

Garcia added, “we are not out of the woods yet. I encourage everyone to continue to follow the public health guidance: wear masks whenever they are outside of their homes and physically distance; and resist the temptation to gather and socialize during the upcoming holidays. These are things that help mitigate against disease transmission. We just need to hold on a little bit longer.”


12 thoughts on “COVID-19 Vaccine Arrives at Cooley Dickinson Hospital

  1. I am glad to hear that Cooley’s employees are being vaccinated. I work in long term care facilities as a visiting health worker. As a health care worker visiting vulnerable patients, how can I also get vaccinated. As health care workers work in a lots of different settings, sometimes 2 or 3, or even more facilities, it can be confusing. Can I receive the vaccine from Cooley Dickinson as I am also a health care worker? How many vaccines are made available right now in Western Ma

  2. I work in other health care facilities than Cooley Dickinson. Can I still be vaccinated at Cooley Dickinson?

  3. I am 81 years old and cancer survivor and wanted to know when I can
    Get the covid 19 vaccine?

    1. Hello Nancy,

      Currently, as per the state’s rollout plan, you should be able to receive a vaccine beginning in February. If you are a resident of an assisted living facility, you may be eligible to receive it now.

      Tom Sturm
      Cooley Dickinson Health Care

  4. I own a home in NY and MA. Am I able to get a covid 19 vaccination at Colley Dickinson Hospital

    1. Hi Glenn,

      It would depend on what demographic you fall into (as of now only healthcare workers, first responders and those in congregate living are getting the vaccine). The beginning of Feb. opens up vaccination to more folks… you can read about the specifics of vaccine distribution/availability through our system (Mass General Brigham) here:

      Tom Sturm
      Digital Media Coordinator

    1. Hi Ellen,

      Anyone over 75 is eligible for vaccination in Mass., starting Feb. 1st. To find out where you can get the shot, visit Statewide distribution is still working out coordination for this, so for now your primary care provider will have to serve as a source for further information (until we have more definite answers from Mass DPH and MGB).

      Tom Sturm
      Digital Media Coordinator

  5. My husband is 80 years old and will be 81 on 6/1/21. When can I make an appointment for him to get an appointment to get his Covid 19 vaccine?

    1. Hi,

      See the reply to Ellen above. Currently, Cooley Dickinson is only vaccinating a small number of its own eligible (over 75) patients. If your husband is a Cooley patient they will be notified when vaccines are available to them and how to schedule an appointment. Eligible patients who are getting the call first are randomly selected to ensure fair & equitable availability, as vaccine supplies are still limited. If you are on the Internet, visit this page for more information:

  6. I am a patient of Tanya Luttinger’s. I am 74 and have co-morbidities of asthma and diabetes. I have a BMI of 40, in spite of constant dieting. I have kidney insufficiency.
    Yet I have been unable to get the Covid vaccine. Please advise. I will travel to get the vaccine.

    1. HI, Elizabeth, Do you have access to Patient Gateway, the Cooley Dickinson/Mass General Brigham patient portal? If so, I suggest you continue checking the portal for notification of an appointments. Appointments are assigned at random to thousands of vaccine-eligible patients.

      You can sign up for the portal here:

      In the meantime, you can pursue signing up for an appointment at a Mass Vaccination site, via this link:

      If this is not clear, please contact Cooley Dickinson’s COVID Community Call center for assistance at 888-554-4234.

      Thank you!

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