January 8, 2021

Inclusive Care for All: Women’s Health Becomes ObGyn & Midwifery

January 8, 2021

Effective immediately, Cooley Dickinson Medical Group Women’s Health will be known as Cooley Dickinson ObGyn & Midwifery.

Over the years, both anecdotally and through formal research, “patients have told us that our name doesn’t fully reflect those we serve,” says Cooley Dickinson Chief of Obstetrics & Gynecology Edward Patton, MD.

“We take care for everyone, not just those who identify as women, and given that we are committed to being inclusive in caring for everyone, it was time to change our name to reflect who we are.”

Director of Midwifery Mary Paterno, PhD, CNM, who joined the practice in November, says “changing our name is an important part of our commitment to patient-centered care for all people in need of midwifery and Ob/Gyn services.”

Community members who are calling the practice may have noticed that the patient services representatives answer the phone with the new name. Changes to the Cooley Dickinson website take effect in early January and signs will be updated this summer.

Adds Patton, “we’re all looking forward to this change. We have appreciated the feedback from our patients and are excited to convey to our community what we have been doing all along: providing exceptional, compassionate and personalized care to everyone.”

Learn more about Cooley Dickinson ObGyn & Midwifery Services here.