March 23, 2021

Cooley Dickinson receives $30K gift to support the Childbirth Center

March 23, 2021

Proud mother holds her newborn child at Cooley Dickinson Hospital Childbirth Center, 30 Locust Street, Northampton, MA 01060.Cooley Dickinson has received a $30,000 gift from Thomson Financial Management to support the Childbirth Center project which, when completed, will offer expanded services in a newly renovated space that includes an upgraded nursery, birthing tubs, and more home-like surroundings for moms and babies.

“We believe in access to quality healthcare and appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the birthing center at Cooley Dickinson,” said Renae Ransdell, CFP®, senior vice president, wealth advisor, Thomson Financial Management.

Ransdell continued, “I had two very different delivery experiences and am immensely grateful for the care and support my children, myself, and even my spouse received on both occasions. Care for our community is one of our core values at Thomson Financial Management and we hope our donation can contribute to the families of our community having experiences like the ones we are so grateful for.”

“This generous gift will help moms and babies right here in our community – providing access to safe, high quality birthing services in an environment that wraps each family with warm, compassionate care,” noted Cooley Dickinson Chief Development Officer Diane Dukette.

“Thomson Financial has brought our fundraising efforts for the Childbirth Center over the $2 million mark.  Their support will inspire others in our community to come forward to help fund this project that is made possible from the generosity of our community.”

The renovation of the Childbirth Center includes refurbishing patient care areas and support areas to make the space more comfortable for moms and babies, as well as creating a warmer, more home-like environment.  In addition, the nursery will be upgraded to a Level 1B nursery to provide special newborns with extra care and attention.  Once renovations are complete, Cooley Dickinson will be the only Level 1B nursery in western Massachusetts.