February 28, 2022

You Make A Difference Award: Happy Frates-Montague

February 28, 2022

You Make a Difference Award: February 2022

Happy Frates-Montague

Congratulations to Happy Frates-Montague, Revenue Auditor, on being selected as the February Honoree of the You Make a Difference Award!

“Happy is an extremely hard worker and manages a very large workload, which she takes pride in getting it done and completing it always to the best of her ability”, said co-nominator, Michelle Kososki, Pharmacy Director.

Happy was requested to assist with the compliance piece of the controlled substance diversion and detection program, by ensuring that the committee was adhering to internal policies and accurately recording the activities of the committee in the event of an audit by the Department of Public Health (DPH). Given that the topic of controlled substance diversion was not familiar to Happy, she took it upon herself to extensively research the topic and share her findings so that the committee was better informed.

Happy has strong computer skills including reporting and programming and utilized those skills to create a reporting tool for the nurse managers. This tool is used as a universal template for the Nurse Managers that would foster a consistent approach to tracking daily activities involving controlled substances. Happy is being recognized for her ingenuity, creativity, and her overall contribution to save nursing manager time and improve the system for controlled substance management.

Her partnership with the various teams (Nursing, Pharmacy, Anesthesia, Performance Improvement, Information Technology, Compliance, etc.) to unify towards one common objective “exemplifies the value of Collaboration”, said co-nominator, Scott DeCesare, Pharmacy Supervisor.

Happy’s approach in helping others is to promote them and help them feel their issues are most important. Her unwillingness to compromise on anything but perfect tools for those that she works with exemplifies the value of Uphold Quality.

Thank you, Happy for making a difference!

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