September 28, 2022

You Make a Difference Award: Patricia Chapdelaine

September 28, 2022

You Make a Difference Award: September 2022

Patricia Chapdelaine

Congratulations to Patricia Chapdelaine, Chemotherapy Pharmacy Technician for the Mass General Cancer Center, on being honored as the September recipient of the You Make a Difference Award!

Patty works within the pharmacy department as the sole chemotherapy pharmacy technician for the Mass General Cancer Center at Cooley Dickinson Hospital. Patty’s work environment within the sterile hazardous clean room is one that most of us can not relate to. The process of entering and leaving the room where she works requires many steps and takes time to ensure sterility is maintained within the Clean Room Suite.

An example of Patty’s quality standard was seen during our most recent Joint Commission survey. During normal operations, she was remotely observed via our camera system by The Joint Commission auditor without her knowledge and then again observed in the clean room. In each instance, Patty displayed a consistent effort to maintain a sterile environment demonstrating her constant focus on quality and safety. This is particularly noteworthy as there have been rapidly evolving regulations that govern this area of the pharmacy. That being said, Patty has made all efforts to solicit this information and feedback so that she continues to deliver the utmost highest quality of care. Observations of Patty within the Clean Room Suite resulted in a “no findings” from the auditor which was a huge win for the entire hospital!

While many of the attributes described above speak to the quality of Patty’s work, it cannot be understated the contributions that Patty makes to the entire pharmacy team. First and foremost, she always has a smile (you can always tell Patty is smiling even with a mask on, she has perfected the “smile with your eyes” so to say) and will do anything to help. Aside from her normal and extensive duties within the Clean Room, she often helps the central pharmacy team whenever there is need. Her collaborative nature within the clean room has invited others to offer her their support and thus leading to a more cohesive pharmacy team.

While she is not often physically seen due to the role she plays, Patty is truly the individual behind the curtain who is the “real Wizard” of the Cancer Center pharmacy operations and Makes a Difference in the lives of patients and colleagues every day at Cooley Dickinson!


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