March 6, 2024

Cooley Dickinson Hospital Announces Transition of Sugarloaf Pediatrics to Northampton Area Pediatrics

March 6, 2024

Northampton Area Pediatrics logoCooley Dickinson Hospital is pleased to announce the transition of Sugarloaf Pediatrics to Northampton Area Pediatrics (NAP) on July 1, in a move that will significantly strengthen pediatric care services for patients from Hampshire County, Franklin County, and southern Vermont.

This practice transition will enhance patient access, introduce new services, and expand access to care for the roughly 2,000 patients and families that Sugarloaf Pediatrics serves.

“We are thrilled about this collaborative transition with NAP, which aligns with our commitment to put our patients at the center of everything we do,” added Dr. Lynnette Watkins, president, and COO of Cooley Dickinson Hospital. “They have a nearly five-decade track record of caring for our community’s children, so I’m confident our patients will continue to receive a very high level of care.”

Sugarloaf Pediatrics exterior

The transition will provide patients and their families with a number of benefits including access to additional locations, expanded hours (nights and weekends), integrated behavioral health services, lactation support, and parenting/support workshops among others.

“Our entire team is excited to bring this practice into our family and we are glad to work with Cooley Dickinson Hospital, who has always been a valuable partner in the care of our patients,” said Dr. Diana Johanson, managing partner of Northampton Area Pediatrics. “We’re both committed to a smooth transition for all parties involved. The only changes patients will see will be positive enhancements.”

“NAP’s pediatric-specialized resources will provide new opportunities for expanded comprehensive care for patients, so it’s a win for everyone involved,” she added.

Watkins said that maintaining a single pediatric practice has been a challenge for the hospital, as the health care industry struggles with staffing shortages. She expects the transition will enhance the continuity of pediatric clinicians and support staff, in addition to the enhanced services.

“Everything we do starts with what’s best for the patient. This decision is about our commitment to prioritizing the well-being of the community and ensuring they receive the best care possible,” she said.

“Our goal as we join with NAP is to offer the same unique, small office, pediatric care we have always provided, with the same team, while also tapping into the additional pediatric services NAP provides,” said Dr. Jennifer Schott, who has served the community for nine years.

Importantly, all staff at Sugarloaf Pediatrics will be offered opportunities to continue with roles either within the practice or elsewhere within the Cooley Dickinson Hospital organization.