Community Health Assessment FY2014

Community Health Assessment FY 14

Cooley Dickinson Hospital updated its community health assessment in 2014 by building on an earlier comprehensive review of secondary data sources, categorized by community and/or county, within the hospital’s service area. We built on these data reports by engaging residents in qualitative data collection and discussions about priorities.

We consider the health assessment to be an ongoing process of monitoring community health trends, engaging the community in identifying needs and solutions, and building local capacity to understand and improve community health.

Forum participants were given an overview of the health assessment and a summary of the qualitative data. Through group discussion and activities we received input into priorities for action. This input informed the development of our community benefits plan.

Our plan is consistent with the Healthy People 2020 (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) focus on the social determinants of health. Our plan and budget are organized according to these categories:

  • Access to care
  • Health reform
  • Supporting health equity
  • Chronic disease rates and preventive practices
  • Behavioral health
  • Healthy eating and active living

This plan is based on health assessment data and community feedback and will be revised based on our evolving understanding of needs.