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July in the Galleries

Welcome back! The Cooley Dickinson Art Galleries are excited to be up and running again after a long  hiatus. The following artists will be exhibiting in the corridor galleries at Cooley Dickinson Hospital during the month of July.

Springfield Photographic Society
The Agriculture of Western Massachusetts

In the North Gallery, a real learning experience is unfolding thanks to an installation by the Springfield Photographic Society, which illustrates facts and imagery detailing the history of agriculture in New England.


Artists’ website:


Jen Wiechers

The hospital’s West Gallery (outside the Breast Center) now features Brattleboro-based artist Jen Wiecher’s beautiful encaustic images, which are created with beeswax and paints. Her works are collage-like ensembles of texture, color and form, embedded and revealed through many layers of additions and subtractions” [Brattleboro West Arts]. Jen has expressed deep gratitude for the efforts of all of the medical workers at Cooley Dickinson, and is happy to be able to bring some light and color into our staff and patients’ daily realities.

Artist Website:




MJ Tash

MJ Tash is a talented nature photographer from West Springfield, Mass. She calls her work “photography by wandering around,” and further describes it thusly:

“I love to drive, walk, hike, and explore wherever I go specifically in the Northeast. My window on this world is my camera’s viewfinder. I love to photograph movements: scurrying chipmunks, soaring eagles, rushing waterfalls. It stirs my competitive nature to capture it in my own time-frame. I compete with nature to express her unique beauty.”

Artist Website: