Art Galleries

December in the Galleries

The following artists will be exhibiting in the galleries at Cooley Dickinson Hospital and at 22 Atwood Drive:

Elisa Lanzi, Eddas Sigurdardottir, Rhea Banker
Seeing Far/Seeing Wide

Elisa Lanzi, Artist and Poet

Elisa Lanzi is a visual artist and now and again poet who works at the intersection of printmaking, handmade paper and collage.  She is a member of the Zea Mays Printmaking Studio and The Boston Printmakers. Color stirs her spirit – – in nature, in art, and in everyday life.

Edda Valborg Sigurdardottir, Printmaker

Growing up in Iceland has shaped Edda’s sense of visual experiences, sense of color and form. The landscape allows unobstructed horizon views– it can be said that she is obsessed with seeing far and wide. In Edda’s hand-pulled monotype prints, she attempts to enhance the mood of the landscape, where earth meets sky.

Rhea Banker, Photographer

Rhea Banker has spent her life searching far flung coasts, particularly in the North, to look for and document stories of creation within ancient rocky landscapes. She has worked in Greenland, Iceland, Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, and the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard. But during the difficult time of Covid, she has focused her camera, and her imagination, on the local landscape of rocks and rivers close to home in the hill towns of Western Massachusetts.


Denise Riggs
Recent Work

Denise Riggs, Photographer

Denise M. Riggs is a native of Massachusetts and has lived in the Pioneer Valley since 2002. She approaches photography in a semi-abstracted manor, taking her subject out of its ordinary context, oftentimes creating a puzzle of sorts for the viewer to decipher. Reflections are a favorite subject matter as well as urban imagery. Denise has exhibited her work widely for over 30 years and holds a BFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design.



Ned Dibble
New Work

Ned Dibble, Painter

This is the first time Ned is sharing his light-filled landscapes with us. His vibrant colors and observations of the landscape bring Nature front and center. These images remind us of the changing light of different seasons, times of day, and varying moods of the artist. We are very happy to be sharing Ned’s work with the hospital community.