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May in the Galleries

The following artists will be exhibiting in the corridor galleries at Cooley Dickinson Hospital during the month of May.  A reception will be held for John Tomasetti in the WEST Gallery and Joanne Bell in the NORTH Gallery.  The reception will be held on Thursday, May 3rd at 4:30 -6:30


John Tomasettii
New England Landscapes and Florals

All of John’s paintings are representational, whether a winter snow scene, the Maine coast, or a bouquet of flowers. His paint application is fluid and abstract, giving the paintings a life that is fun, spirited and carefree. The watercolor paintings create less a vision of reality than an impression of what one wishes reality were like. Vivid, colorful, and energetic, these painting are of birches and bridges found in New England.


Joanne Bell
Moments of Beauty, Moments of Peace

The artist finds much of her inspiration in parks and open spaces throughout the Pioneer Valley. She especially enjoys landscape and nature photography, as well as portraiture. In addition to her solo exhibits, she has also participated in local juried exhibits.   

Artist contact info:
106 Manchonis
Wilbraham, MA


Valerie McQuillan
Artwork by Valerie McQuillan   

The exhibit, comprised of mostly New England scenes–with an emphasis on local places–runs throughout May, June and July of this year in the 22 Atwood Drive 2nd Floor waiting area. As a lifelong resident of the region, Valerie is still in awe of the local beauty of our surroundings, and tries to capture that in her paintings. Her interest in nature and in our native wildflowers and birds is evident in the artwork on display.

Artist contact info:
9 Jeanne Circle
Southampton, MA