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You Make a Difference

Each month, one Cooley Dickinson Health Care employee receives the You Make a Difference Award, a recognition for employees that are making a difference for patients & families, for their coworkers, and/or in the community. The honorees were nominated for being role models at CDHC and for regularly demonstrating the values of our organization in their everyday work and life.

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Pay It Forward>>:

The Caleb Cooley Pay It Forward Award

When Caleb Cooley Dickinson died, he bequeathed his entire fortune to be put into a trust that enabled the hospital’s founding in Northampton, in 1886. In his honor, we established an award that recognizes the contributions of those who might be outside the usual orbit of one department or practice, but without whom the work you have done on particular projects would not have been possible.

The department that receives the award receives a certificate and traveling trophy. That department will keep the traveling trophy for three months and then identify and award the Caleb Cooley Pay It Forward Award to the department that contributes to their success.

Caleb Cooley Pay It Forward Award, December 2018

Congratulations to Central Scheduling!

Central Scheduling is being recognized this month by the Radiology Huddle for their collaboration and dedication to service excellence for Cooley Dickinson Patients.

Collaboration is a Cooley Dickinson value, and Central Scheduling has made that value a daily practice. They collaborate with patients and with providers to make sure that patients can get access to care that is convenient for them while making sure that services run efficiently.

Don Harrington from Radiology says: “The central scheduling team are the first line of contact for many patients, and the great experience a patient has on the phone with them sets our team up for success when we see the patient in person.”

We commend Central Scheduling and the Radiology Huddle for their teamwork and cooperative spirit.

Congratulations Central Scheduling!

To learn more about the Caleb Cooley Pay It Forward award, click here.

Caleb Cooley Pay It Forward Award, August 2018

Congratulations to the Radiology Huddle!

The Radiology Huddle Team is being recognized this month by Information Services for their collaboration and willingness to step outside of their comfort zone to learn important new skills.

Radiology recently had to step up when a crucial member of their team was out on leave. With some assistance from the IS Department, they formed a daily technology huddle to teach the clinical staff how to perform important technical support functions. The huddle was effective at engaging the entire team and ensuring that there won’t be any breaks in technical know-how going forward if one person is unavailable.

Ryan Racine from IS says: “Thanks to their willingness to step out of their comfort zone and learn new skills, there won’t be any gaps in coverage, and patients will have a better experience.”

Fostering Collaboration is a Cooley Dickinson value, and we commend the Radiology Huddle and the IS Department for their teamwork and cooperative spirit.

Congratulations Radiology Huddle Team!

To learn more about the Caleb Cooley Pay It Forward Award, click HERE.

Some of the ways Cooley Dickinson employees are making a difference, In-House and in the community:

Physical Therapist Honored with Stavros Award
PT Stacy Troy, with Stavros’ Manuel Morales.

Physical Therapist Stacy Troy received the 2018 Paul Winske Access Award from the Stavros Center for Independent Living. Stacy, who works at the Hadley Rehabilitation clinic, was nominated by one of her patients for providing compassionate care to persons with disabilities.

“Stacy has been with us for over 15 years,” says Andrea Noel-Doubleday, Cooley Dickinson’s Assistant Director of Rehabilitation Services. “I think this recognition is really about her compassionate care-giving, and about her going above and beyond for her patients with disabilities, to ensure that they are comfortable throughout their rehab with us. We are very proud of her.”

Troy, pictured here with Manuel Morales from Stavros, was honored at the luncheon and awards ceremony last week. She was the only health care professional recognized at the Awards Ceremony.

Congratulations Stacy!