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Every day, Cooley Dickinson Health Care is engaged in moving health care forward for the Pioneer Valley, and for all of the people we serve—including you. With expertise, technology and facilities right here, and with the advanced resources of our partners at Massachusetts General Hospital, we’re making strides that are transforming lives.

In the way we deliver care and in how you access providers, we’re making meaningful progress: these are advances in medicine and in communication that help ensure the best possible outcomes for you. From small steps to giant leaps, we’re constantly pushing forward to advance your interests.

This determination, which guides our mission and shapes our vision, is rooted in our values.


To serve our patients and communities with exceptional, compassionate, and personalized care.


To be among the nation’s best community health care systems – for our patients and the communities we serve.


Uphold Quality
We believe in a constant focus on quality and safety, never settling, always improving.

Standard of Behavior: Prioritizes quality and safety in job performance, addressing issues as they arise. Proactively works to make improvements in our services, offers suggestions, implements new ideas. Builds patient confidence and shows pride in the high quality care provided at Cooley Dickinson Health Care.

Demonstrate Compassion
We believe in showing genuine concern for our patients, families, and colleagues. It’s more than what we do – it’s who we are.

Standard of Behavior: Actively assesses patient and family needs and perspectives and creates an atmosphere of respect and acceptance, interacting with concern and empathy. Understands that no matter what a person’s role is, they play an important role in ensuring that we meet our mission of providing exceptional, compassionate, and personalized care.

Foster Collaboration
We believe in teamwork, partnering with our patients, families, communities, and each other. We listen and communicate clearly and openly.

Standard of Behavior: Asks questions, listens to responses, and learns from others. Shows appreciation for colleagues and celebrates their achievements. Flexible; shares the workload fairly with colleagues, and shows willingness to compromise.

Show Respect
We believe in embracing diversity, understanding differences and striving for health equity. We value all our patients, families, co-workers, and community members, and treat each with dignity.

Standard of Behavior: Creates an environment of inclusion and affirmation for patients, families and co-workers. Anticipates needs and asks if there is anything else that can be done today.

Act with Integrity
We believe in holding ourselves and each other to a high ethical standard, always doing the right thing in service of our patients and communities.

Standard of Behavior: Takes responsibility for own actions and performance. Proactively searches out and adheres to all regulations and standards. Always acts ethically.


Cooley Dickinson Health Care: Mission, Vision, Values video

Our mission, vision and values drive our policies, our practices and our plans for the future. We’ve been a part of this community for more than 130 years, and will continue to serve every part of it even as we change, grow and refine our care and facilities to become the best that they can be.