Advancing Your Health

Advancing Your Health into the New Decade

Welcome to 2020 at Cooley Dickinson. As we begin a new decade, we look back to 2019 to reflect on what we have done to advance community health and wellness. So come along with us for a brief recap, below.

In 2019, Cooley Dickinson Health Care added unique new services including Podiatry and Geriatrics, opened a new Urgent Care location in Southampton and expanded into a brand new building at 15 Atwood Drive, in Northampton, adjacent to our other buildings in the Atwood Health Center, including opening a whole new primary care practice at Oxbow Primary Care. We implemented new technologies like CardioMEMS to aid in the treatment of heart failure, and began installation of a advanced linear accelerator technology in the Vitkauskas Crowe Radiation Oncology Suite that will further increase precision of cancer treatment while minimizing side effects.

Cooley Dickinson has continued its commitment to a rigorous plan to recruit more providers, and hired 20+ on top of the more than 30 we hired in the previous fiscal year. In Hatfield, we opened the Wellness and Sports Performance Center adjacent to our Rehabilitation Services and Orthopedics & Sports Medicine offices, to ensure both seamless recovery for patients of those practices and the development of facilities for both school-age sports programs and high-performance athletes in training and/or injury recovery. In support of upcoming renovations to our Childbirth Center, we launched our I’m a Cooley Baby campaign, celebrating all of you who were born at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, or whose parents, children or other family members were.

In our effort to understand and best respond to the health needs of our community, Cooley Dickinson completed an updated Community Health Needs Assessment (last done in 2016), and we continue to support Diversity Equity and Inclusion, expanding access to medical interpretation and scoring 100/100 for the third year in a row on the Human Rights Campaign’s Healthcare Equality Index. Because we care about our community (and our planet), we’ve also continued to pursue Green Initiatives at Cooley Dickinson to minimize our impact on the environment and commit to embracing sustainable practices in our region.

As always, we couldn’t do any of these things without our amazing employees, providers, donors, volunteers, interns, and everyone else who works hard every day to help advance Cooley Dickinson’s Mission, Vision & Values. We thank you all for your commitment to quality and compassion, and for caring for and being an integral part of our community.

Please click the link below to read about many of the latest additions to our Cooley Dickinson team, our new facilities and service line offerings, and to learn how to support the multitude of services we offer, through local community philanthropy and the many ways you can help support Cooley Dickinson Health Care.

You can read our interactive Annual Report online Here: