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Cooley Dickinson Board of Trustees*


John Nunnelly – Chair
Sanford Belden – Vice Chair
Kevin Lake – Secretary
Charles Staelin – Treasurer
Joanne Marqusee – Assistant Secretary

Board of Trustees

Kenneth Bordewieck
R.F. Conway, MD
David Brown, MD†
James Donnelly, MD
Jeffrey Ecker, MD†
Laurie Fenlason
JoAnne Finck
Sally Griggs
Khama Ennis, MD
Tony James†
Eliza Lake
Elizabeth Mort, MD, MPH†
James Kirchhoffer, MD
Timothy Parsons, MD
Nancy Reeves
Peter L. Slavin, MD†
Kumble Subbaswamy†
Geoffrey Zucker, MD

(* For the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2017)
(† Massachusetts General Hospital Trustee)