Billing and Financial

Financial Assistance

There are a number of resources for those in need of financial assistance for health care costs for themselves, their children or elderly parents.

State Programs

If you live in Massachusetts, you may be able to get health insurance or help paying your health care bills through a state program like MassHealth, the Health Connector, or Health Safety Net.  Each program has different rules and income limits. If you have Medicare, you can also get help with billing and insurance through the SHINE program.

To find out more and apply:


If you have medical bills because you do not have insurance, or because your health insurance did not cover your care, you may qualify for a discount. A paper application, along with supporting documentation may be required. There are two types of discounts:

  • If your bills are for an emergency and related follow-up medical care, then you may be able to get a 70% to 100% discount if you do not qualify for any state programs. The discount amount will depend on your household income*.
  • You may get a 25% discount on any medical bills if you pay (or set up a payment plan) within 2 months of the date on your first bill.

Important: Many health care bills are for co-payments, co-insurance, or deductibles that are required as part of your health insurance. We DO NOT discount those bills.

View or download our Screening Tool page to help you determine if you qualify for any of the discounts mentioned above.

*If you qualify for a financial assistance discount, you will never pay more than what the average insurance company would pay. Discount rates are reassessed annually and may change.

Payment Plans

You may set up a zero interest monthly payment plan for any bill, even a bill for a health insurance co-payment, co-insurance, or deductible.

Contact us to find out more. Visit a patient financial counselor at Cooley Dickinson Hospital or call Patient Accounts at 413-582-2222.

Take action right away. There may be time limits that apply.