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Working at Cooley Dickinson

Approximately 300 physicians and 120 advanced practice clinicians provide medical and surgical services at Cooley Dickinson Health Care in a wide variety of specialties. Practicing at Cooley Dickinson brings the promise of working with advanced medical technology and TeleHealth resources, while offering access to new, modern facilities like the Kittredge Surgery Center and the Mass General Cancer Center at Cooley Dickinson Hospital. Physicians and advanced practice clinicians work with our dedicated nurses, allied health professionals and support staff of exceptional clinical acumen, together making up a close-knit community of health care professionals.

Cooley Dickinson Health Care is well-situated to weather unpredictability in the health care industry, and its affiliation with Massachusetts General Hospital and the broader Partners Network provides additional assurance of stability and financial viability. Its own network has expanded at an intelligent, intentional pace and its administrative leadership is forward-looking and open to future opportunity, whether it comes in the form of connection to ground-level community clinics or intersection with the area’s growing biotechnology industry.

Physicians and advanced practice clinicians interested in working at Cooley Dickinson Health Care are invited to visit our Opportunities page, or to reach out personally to Logan Ebbets, through the information below.

Logan Ebbets
Cooley Dickinson Health Care
30 Locust Street, 1st Floor
Northampton, MA 01060
Phone: (413) 582-2550

Cooley Dickinson Health Care is an Equal Opportunity Employer that applies a progressive philosophy to hiring practices and values diversity in its workforce.