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When you were young, you asked yourself “What do I want to be?” An astronaut? A firefighter? You chose health care provider. As an adult, the question to ask is: “How do I want to live?” You can find your answer with life in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.

Cooley Dickinson Health Care is committed to helping you find your answer, by providing the flexibility to let you strike the right balance between the work you do and the life you want. Physician careers in Northampton, MA, come with the built-in perks of diverse beauty, creativity, and possibility. Part of working here is having the freedom to fully live life in the Pioneer Valley.

Pioneer Valley jobs are unique; they are often associated with the richly diverse terrain surrounding the Connecticut River, which runs from Vermont all the way through Massachusetts and Connecticut to the Long Island Sound. From the outlook of Mount Tom you can see many of the towns and cities that dot our landscape, amid New England fields and forests. Everywhere you look is a unique opportunity.

The Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts: Location

Have you always wanted the peace of a secluded farm on a dirt road off of a dirt road? Do you yearn for the cultural and intellectual stimulation of one of America’s most vibrant college towns? Do you want to ride, climb, swim, sail, ski, golf, perform, experience art, and engage with your neighbors in solving your community’s most pressing issues? Physician careers in Northampton MA check all the boxes. In addition to everything the Pioneer Valley has to offer, you’re close to so much more, from the ski mountains of Vermont a short drive north, to Boston, New York and other cities within easy day-trip distance.

The Pioneer Valley Towns and Points of Interest

There’s a lot to learn about and consider, and we want to make it easy for you to find the information you need to make an informed decision. Below, you can search either by town or by topic.

Town by Town


Points of Interest

Spotlight on the Pioneer Valley in Photos

Get a glimpse of life in the Pioneer Valley with this photo set of our area’s vibrant towns, people, and natural beauty. Explore the beautiful campuses of the Five Sisters colleges and universities. Visit local orchards and farmer’s markets delivering farm-to-table freshness, and bustling New England downtowns filled with dining and entertainment options. Or find yourself amid our serene waterways, ski trails, and hiking paths. Wherever you go, you’ll find something to love and a place to belong.

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