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Rehabilitation Careers

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Rehabilitation Careers

Cooley Dickinson Healthcare provides close to half a million rehabilitation treatments annually, working with inpatients at the hospital in Northampton, outpatients at our six satellite locations in Northampton, Hadley, Southampton, South Deerfield, Hatfield and Worthington, and in people’s homes in tandem with our VNA & Hospice program. We employ physical therapists, occupational therapists and Speech & Language pathologists, who all work with patients recovering from injury, stroke, or to alleviate chronic pain and/or immobility caused by conditions such as arthritis or M.S.

A Hands-On Experience

Cooley Dickinson’s rehabilitation therapists are among some of its most compassionate workers–every day is typically a hands-on, physically interactive experience full of human touch and gentle, professional manipulation of affected muscles, healing ligaments or newly replaced joints whose owners haven’t quite adjusted to their presence. Physical therapists work hard to help people walk again after injuries or hip/knee replacements, or work again after a shoulder replacement. Occupational therapist specialists including hand therapists help patients regain lost dexterity and mobility and re-learn precision motions, including writing and playing musical instruments. Speech therapists work with patients to recover lost language ability and re-learn the mechanics of basic speech after stroke or work out problems in early/childhood speech development. Some specialists provide treatment for patients affected by lymphedema (abnormal swelling), at the Mass General Cancer Center at Cooley Dickinson Hospital.

“Every patient deserves the utmost attention, respect, and the best care possible. I feel honored to be given the opportunity to help make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

—Terry McKeon, DPT, MTC, CLT-LANA
Physical Therapist at South Deerfield location




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Cooley Dickinson Health Care is an Equal Opportunity Employer that applies a progressive philosophy to hiring practices and values diversity in its workforce.

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