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Living Well with Diabetes is a group comprised of people living with diabetes and prediabetes learning from and supporting each other through discussions about issues they share in common. Discussions are led by a Diabetes Educator from the Cooley Dickinson Medical Group Diabetes Center.

Participants will discuss information that can help increase their knowledge and learn tools necessary to make useful and informed decisions about their day to day care of self and diabetes. Together, you can develop solutions and offer each other support. Information and support will be received to:

  • Find solutions to deal with barriers of living with diabetes.
  • Find healthy ways to manage emotions that emerge as a result of living with diabetes.
  • Meet and relate to others to others with diabetes.
  • Share and exchange information and experiences in the self-management of diabetes while also offering and receiving support and information from others in similar circumstances.

Upcoming dates and topics

Please note that there will be no meeting in July. For more information, contact 888-554-4CDH (4234).

When November 6, 2018
6:00 pm


22 Atwood Drive
2nd floor Conference Room
Northampton, MA 01060