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Beyond Cranberry Juice and Kegel Exercises: What You Should Know About Female Pelvic Floor Health

Panelists: Carolyn Bentley, PT; Maureen Etchells, PT, and Tucker Kueny, MD
Moderator: Annie Heath, CNM

Many of us are familiar with our “core.” These muscles support our stomach, back, and the area around the pelvis. Muscles that line the pelvis – a region known as the pelvic floor – have several functions, including holding the organs in place and providing control of the bladder and bowel.

For women, the pelvic floor can begin to weaken – due to childbirth, aging, and other health factors – causing side effects that can range from a leaky bladder to the descending of the pelvic organs.

Join our panel of experts for an informative discussion about what you can do to manage pelvic floor problems. Gynecologist Tucker Keuny will discuss how pelvic floor problems are diagnosed. Physical therapists Carolyn Bentley and Maureen Etchells will talk about how they evaluate and treat people living with pelvic floor conditions. Certified Nurse Midwife Annie Heath will moderate the discussion. Participants are encouraged to bring their questions for the panel members to address.

Registration is required; seating is limited. Refreshments will be available.


When June 6, 2019
6:00 pm


Dakin Conference Room
Cooley Dickinson Hospital
30 Locust Street,
Northampton, Mass.