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Transforming Emergency Care

Campaign for the Cooley Dickinson Hospital Emergency Department

The Need

Cooley Dickinson’s Emergency Department is 40% undersized to meet our community’s needs and cares for many patients requiring critical medical attention. The number of patients visiting the department has grown from 17,000 annually in the 1970s to nearly 34,000 in recent years. For those patients, our team treats approximately 300 traumatic injuries per year and last year alone over 6,000 patients needed to be admitted for further care.

Many of our patients also need specialized mental and behavioral health support. Hampshire County has a high rate of mental health hospitalizations compared to the state, with 1,067 hospitalizations per 100,000 people as compared to 853 per 100,000 for the state.

The current Emergency Department was not designed to face the challenges of the 21st century; it does not have the space to care for this many patients or to provide the specialized care our community needs.


Your Gifts to the Emergency Department will Support

Shorter Wait Times
More, and better designed spaces mean patients receive care sooner.

Increased Privacy
Given our current space constraints, patients sometimes are treated in hallways.

Improved Coordination of Care
Key renovations will enhance staff communication and effectiveness.

CT Scanner Embedded in ED
The relocation of one of our CT scanners will reduce the time it takes for patients to get a scan—a difference that can be life changing.

Enhanced Behavioral Health Delivery
Given the high rate of mental health hospitalizations in our service area, our current behavioral health pod is half the necessary size. Specialized spaces will create a healing environment that respects the privacy of all.

Continuity of Care
Over 30% of our patients arrive via ambulance.  Your gifts support continuity of care that starts and ends in your home.

Enhanced Pediatric Care
Improvements will include Pediatric Friendly areas for children who are being seen or are in observation.

Enhanced Geriatric Care
The American College of Emergency Physicians recently awarded Cooley Dickinson Hospital Level 3 Geriatric Accreditation. Older adults can rest assured that our ED has the necessary expertise, equipment, and personnel in place to provide optimal care. And more space and specialized equipment will enable us to strive for even higher accreditation levels.


Building Upon a Foundation of Strengths

  • A remarkable team of dedicated, highly skilled staff who are committed to continually improving patient care;
  • High patient satisfaction scores for care received, compassionate delivery of care, and patients recommending the department to loved ones;
  • Expertise, experience, and equipment to care for our entire community from infants to elders;
  • Mass General Brigham Affiliation. Real-time access to these world-class academic institutions gives staff a tremendous clinical edge in providing the best care possible to our patients.


Be Part of the Transformation!

To make a gift in support of the Emergency Department at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, call our Development Office at 413-582-2255 or donate online and select “Transforming Emergency Care.”