Help Cooley Dickinson Hospital maintain a skilled and highly knowledgeable nursing workforce for Western Massachusetts in the 21st Century.

Nurse Development Program

A Legacy of Critical Education.

An Urgent Need: A Timely Solution

Total Annual Budget For Nurse Development Program

Our initial fundraising goal is $1,000,000
Clinical Care Residency Program $360,000
Leadership Residency Program $120,000
Executive Leadership Training $12,000
Total annual need $492,000

Cooley Dickinson has a long history of commitment to nurses. The Cooley Dickinson School of Nursing operated on our campus for nearly 75 years (1901-1975). In more recent decades, the hospital has established work development programs designed to create job opportunities for nursing graduates and currently has well-established collaborations with the University of Massachusetts, Elms College, and Springfield Technical Community College.

But the need for nurses cannot simply be addressed by getting more new nurses into the pipeline. What we need are highly skilled, highly knowledgeable, experienced nurses. With 53 percent of Cooley’s nurses retiring between 2010 and 2020—many of whom work in specialty areas that require high-level nursing skills or in leadership positions—Cooley Dickinson is taking the lead by providing leadership programs and nurse Residencies to nurses ready to expand their skills sets to meet this growing demand.

As we aspire to make the mid-Pioneer Valley the nation’s model healthy community, the Nurse Development Program assures that patients receive the highest-quality care possible, even as veteran nurses retire.

Be Part of the Right Solution Right Now

When the need arises, every one of us wants to receive the very best care. At Cooley Dickinson and through Cooley Dickinson VNA and Hospice, well-trained nursing staff is absolutely critical to the delivery of outstanding care. Both Cooley and the VNA are passionately committed to being learning organizations. As community member and campaign supporter Al Griggs put it: “Yes, the Nurse Development Program will produce more highly-skilled nurses and nurse leaders. But it will do even more. It will make them better listeners and team players, better people on the job.”

When you support the Nurse Development Program, you support the health care community’s commitment to high-quality, compassionate medical care for you and the people you love.

Thank you for all you have done and plan to do for Cooley Dickinson Hospital.