Visiting nurse shares a joke with patient in her home, Cooley Dickinson Medical Group VNA and Hospice, Northampton, MA 01060.

Make a Gift of Caring

Honoring Exceptional Caregivers at the VNA & Hospice

Gift of Caring: A meaningful way to say Thank You

“There’s no place like home.”   Visiting nurse talks with female client in wheelchair in her home, Cooley Dickinson Medical Group VNA & Hospice, Northampton, MA 01060.

It’s not just a saying, it’s a fact when it comes to your health. You are likely to do better recovering from an illness or injury in your home than in a hospital. Likewise, people at the end of life are more comfortable surrounded by familiar faces at home. We are pleased to help you manage whatever challenge you are facing, in the place you call home.

You accomplished a goal you’ve been striving to achieve thanks to an occupational or speech therapist, or you appreciated the nurse’s attentiveness and kindness. You felt some relief when a hospice volunteer was there when your family needed them, or your loved one passed peacefully while a harpist was playing. When you or your family are searching for a way to say thank you for the exceptional, compassionate care you received from a nurse, social worker, therapist, home health aide, counselor, volunteer, or other caregiver, consider making a contribution in their honor. Your gift will not only let your honored caregiver know how much you appreciate the care they provided but will also ensure that our services are available to all. Honorees will be notified of your thoughtful donation and will receive special recognition.

To make your gift, download and mail in this form or make your gift online here. You may also call the Cooley Dickinson Development Office at 413-582-2255.



Honoring VNA & Hospice’s Recipients of Patient Gratitude


  • Honor Exceptional Care

    Make a gift in honor of great care today.

  • The Hospice Staff

    “Thank you to all the hospice staff that took wonderful care of my daddy in his last days on this earth. I will be forever grateful.” -Karen Niedbala and Family

  • Laura

    “Very nice person and very helpful with my therapy.” -Bruce W. McDonald

  • Rebecca Knowles and Jacqueline Allard

    “Both have been so responsive, caring and helpful.” -Sara and Ed Curley

  • Charlene

    “She and the other RNs whom we met were always very caring, compassionate, and helpful throughout. Hospice enabled Joanna to die peacefully at home. Thank you!” -Fred Bogin

  • Anna

    “She’s above and beyond friendly.” -Virginia White

  • Regina and all the rest of the Hospice staff

    “To Regina and all the rest of the Hospice staff who came to help my wife, Nancy. You were all wonderful.” -George F. Fanion

  • Charlene Vinton

    “Charlene has been caring for my Dad on hospice for 2 years. She is incredibly kind, compassionate, and takes extraordinary care of him. She always spends time interacting and responding to his and our family’s needs. She is a gem and invaluable to our family during this long, hard and sad time.” -Lisa Ekus

  • Stacy Adams

    “There could not have been a more positive experience!! She was professional, kind, positive, compassionate, and supportive. I am walking once again!” - Susan Hillier

  • Susan Slysz and Kelly Jones

    “Both Susan and Kelly provided excellent care following my knee replacement. They are knowledgeable and professional PTs.” - Donna Paddock

  • Hospice Team

    Recognized by Patricia A. Neill

  • Tricia Neill

    “Trisha was always upbeat, looked at what I could do, not the limits of my house. An all-around nice person.” - Theresa Murphy

  • Gina OT and Louri PT

    Recognized by Donna Stone

  • Patricia Jung

    “Helped with my knee replacement therapy. I recovered so fast thanks to her
    assistance!” - Ellen McGrath

  • VNA & Hospice Team

    “You are all pretty special based on numerous interactions since 2004. We remain very grateful.” - Peter Reich & Susan Gulick

  • Regina

    "Regina was exceptional, she was always there to tell us what to do. Her personality was great with everyone. I would like to thank her for all she did for Danny in his final days." - Judith Champagne

  • Andree Leblanc Ross

    “The constant care Andree provided my husband, my family, and me was exceptional! We were buoyed up and strengthened by her presence through this incredibly brutal time. We are eternally grateful.” - Jane Evans

  • Hospice Team

    “A year later and I feel truly blessed to have had your Hospice workers who are in my opinion “Earth Angels”. Bless each and every one from the bottom of my heart for your loving and compassionate help.” - Nancy Janse

  • Donna Pajak

    “She was very precise & helped me recover. Everyone was great.” -William Dunn

  • The CDH Hospice Folks

    Honored by James Cahillane

  • Susan S., Physical Therapist

    “She is very talented. I was fascinated by the skills she used to treat my concussion, dizziness, and troubled vision.” -Marjorie Johnson

  • VNA Nurses

    "“My regards for VNA nurses are based on a long life of appreciation, here and abroad, with nurses who had a positive effect on my health when needed.” -Bill Wigham

  • Marita Briones, VNA Case Manager

    “Marita was exceptionally thoughtful, warm, sunny, and enjoyable to know!” -Sherrill Harbison

  • Becky

    “Becky was so knowledgeable and she pushed me to get better. Always positive and cheerful.” -Rick Carbonneau

  • Karen Whalen

    "Karen was most helpful in providing excellent care and tending to my needs in my recuperation from my fall in my garage." -Frances P. Goldsher

  • VNA & Hospice Staff

    "Great care received for our Mother from VNA & Hospice." -Brian Reilly

  • Charlene A. Vinton

    "You gave my wife excellent, compassionate care, and taught me how to be a caregiver. I am eternally grateful." -Andy Churchill

  • Karen G. Hill

    "You gave my wife excellent, compassionate care, and taught me how to be a caregiver. I am eternally grateful." -Andy Churchill

  • Visiting Nurses

    "The visiting nurses made it possible for my cousin, Linda, to stay at home and be independent for as long as possible. Thank you for all that you do." -Doreen Curry

  • Our VNA & Hospice Caregiver Team

    Carin, RN - who connected with and cared for Irene; Abbey - so kind and compassionate on triage; Sarah, RN - thoughtful and thorough; Sarah, MSW - compassionate, helpful, and thoughtful; Regina, RN, Case Manager - AWESOME, wonderful, caring, and professional; Karen, CNA - FABULOUS, great, got her to look beautiful for the journey." -Family of Irene Benoit

  • Trisha Neill, Jennifer Restucci, Corrina Riley, and Liz Rotti

    "Everyone who helped us were 'Earth Angels.' It allowed my husband to be home where he wanted to be. Myself, my son, and the hospice staff worked as a team, and they helped to guide us through this time." -Anonymous Donor

  • Those Individuals Recognized for Their Work in 2020

    o Norma Jean Ryan
    o Gary Roger Olson
    o Regina Rumplik, RN
    o Carin Nelson, RN
    o Sherry O'Connell and Sarah, Nina, Jenifer, Moe, Bree, and Ashley.
    o Jennifer D.

  • VNA Staff

    “I would like to thank all the staff who took such wonderful care for my husband Dan Strain. He loved you all and loved joking with everyone. Thanks again for your wonderful care.” -Cynthia Strain

Your home health aide helped you shower for the first time after a surgery.

Your father’s nurse made his last moments peaceful.

Your social worker connected you to needed services.

Honor care that you or a loved one received today by following this link.

You may also download the brochure and mail your recognition to
PO Box 329, Northampton, MA  01061