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Visitor Policy Update

Updated Visitor Policy

To keep our patients and employees safe, Cooley Dickinson follows federal and state guidelines around masking protocols. Visitors who do not follow the mask policy may be asked to leave. In each patient’s recovery, we recognize the importance of support from family and friends.

Cooley Dickinson Hospital

  • Inpatients are allowed two adult (0ver 18) visitors per day between the hours of 12 noon to 7 pm, 7 days a week.
  • For the inpatient Behavioral Health unit, one visitor per day is allowed Monday through Friday from 5:15 to 6:45 pm, weekends and holidays from 2 to 5 pm.
  • Visitors are required to wear a facility-issued mask, and are asked to clean their hands often and maintain physical distancing.
  • The policy applies to visitors for inpatients who are not on enhanced respiratory isolations, with restrictions related to screening and visitation hours.

Cooley Dickinson Emergency Department and Outpatient Areas

  • All Emergency Department (ED) patients are allowed one adult visitor. We respectfully request the same visitor stay with the patient throughout the patient’s ED visit.
  • Surgical Day Care, Endoscopy and Cardiovascular Interventional Suite patients are allowed one adult visitor. Visitors can wait in the Kittredge Surgery Center waiting area. At this time, visitors are not allowed in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU).

Cooley Dickinson Childbirth Center

  • A patient who is presenting for labor and birth can have two support people, which could include the patient’s partner, family member, friend, doula, or other person.
  • The two support people can stay 24/7 during the admission for labor and birth. These support people may leave the hospital and later return.
  • In addition to the two support people, the patient may have one additional designated visitor who may visit during hospital visiting hours (12:00pm to 7:00pm).
  • Support people and the designated visitor are subject to visitor screening for COVID symptoms and risk and, if they screen positive, they will not be allowed in the Childbirth Center.

Keeping you and our patients safe are our top priorities. Thank you for your understanding!

(updated 7/6/21)

Política para visitantes actualizada, efectiva a partir del 6 de julio del 2021

A fin de mantener a nuestros pacientes y empleados a salvo, Cooley Dickinson sigue las directrices federales y estatales sobre protocolos del uso de mascarillas. Se les podrá solicitar que se marchen a los visitantes que no cumplan con la política del uso de mascarillas. Reconocemos la importancia del apoyo por parte de la familia y amigos para la recuperación de los pacientes.

Hospital Cooley Dickinson

  • Se les permite a los pacientes hospitalizados 2 visitantes adultos (mayores de 18 años) al día en las horas comprendidas entre las 12 del mediodía y las 7 pm, los 7 días de la semana.
  • A los pacientes hospitalizados en la Unidad de salud mental, se les permite un visitante al día de lunes a Viernes desde las 5:15 a las 6:45 pm, fines de semana y días feriados desde las 2 hasta las 5 pm.
  • Se requiere que los visitantes utilicen una mascarilla proporcionada por el hospital, y se les solicita que se limpien las manos frecuentemente y mantengan distancia física.
  • La política se aplica a todos los visitantes de pacientes hospitalizados que no se encuentren en aislamiento respiratorio, con restricciones relacionadas al horario de visitas y detección.

Departamento de emergencias y áreas para pacientes ambulatorios

  • Se les permite un visitante adulto a todos los pacientes en el Departamento de emergencias (ED por sus siglas en inglés). Respetuosamente solicitamos que el mismo visitante permanezca con el paciente durante toda su estadía en el Departamento de emergencias.
  • Se les permite un visitante adulto a los pacientes de Cirugías ambulatorias, Endoscopia y de la Sala de intervención cardiovascular. Los visitantes pueden esperar en la sala de espera del centro de cirugía Kittredge (Kittredge Surgery Center en inglés). Por el momento, no se permiten visitantes en la Unidad de atención posterior a la anestesia (PACU por sus siglas en ingles).

Hospital Cooley Dickinson Centro de Maternidad

  • Todo paciente que se presente para labor de parto y nacimiento puede tener dos personas de apoyo, las cuales pueden incluir la pareja del paciente, un miembro de la familia, amigo, doula u otra persona.
  • Las dos personas de apoyo pueden quedarse las 24 horas del día los 7 días de la semana durante la admisión para la labor de parto y nacimiento. Estas personas de apoyo pueden salir del hospital y regresar después.
  • Además de las dos personas de apoyo, nuestro paciente puede tener un visitante adicional designado que pueda visitar durante el horario de visitas del hospital  (12:00pm a 7:00pm).
  • Las personas de apoyo y el visitante designado están sujetos a la detección de síntomas y riesgos de COVID, si resultan positivos a durante las preguntas de detección, no se les permitirá la entrada a la Maternidad.

El mantenerlo a usted y a nuestros pacientes a salvo es nuestra mayor prioridad. ¡Gracias por entender!

General Visiting Guidelines

Bring a smile, leave a smile.

Getting Here

Cooley Dickinson Hospital is located at 30 Locust Street (Route 9) in Northampton, Massachusetts. Visitors who need directions can use Google Maps and/or follow directions on our Locations & Directions page.


Visitors may park in lots A and H, the two large lots adjacent to the hospital’s Main Entrance, North Entrance and Emergency Entrance. Free valet service is available at both the Main and North Entrances. In addition, a few spaces are reserved at Women’s Health Midwifery Care for patients and visitors seeing providers or attending groups at the “yellow house.”

Visiting Information

Directly to the right as you enter through the Main Entrance there is a hospital information booth staffed by friendly, knowledgeable volunteers. In most cases, they can help you find what you’re looking for, and can provide you with printed directions to most hospital locations that you can carry with you.

Visiting Guidelines

At Cooley Dickinson Hospital, there are no set visiting hours, but visitors are asked to respect patients’ needs for a restful atmosphere. There is no discrimination in visitor access based on one’s sexual orientation or gender identity. This policy also strictly adheres to equal access for same-sex couples and same sex partners. In some cases, in the Critical Care Unit, Childbirth Center or other units, or at the patient’s request, visitation may be limited.

Cooley Dickinson Hospital is committed to providing the safest possible environment for its patients and staff, and for the community at large. We maintain the following visitation policies:

  • No one who is sick should visit.
  • The number of visitors should be limited to only those necessary for the patient’s comfort.
  • Visitors should clean their hands before and after their visit.
Get more information on infection prevention and current local, regional, national and global health concerns HERE.
Directions to Conference Rooms and Educational Classrooms

For directions to meeting rooms, class and seminar locations, support groups, community groups and lecture/presentation rooms, click HERE.

Thank you.


How to get around

Click links below to access maps of the main Cooley Dickinson Hospital campus and interior maps. Find buildings, entrances, departments, amenities, elevators, stairs, and a guide to parking areas.

Cooley Dickinson Campus/Parking Map 2021
Cooley Dickinson Campus/Parking Map 2021
Building Map 2016
Building Map 2016