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Proud Grandmother. Cooley Baby.

Nancy Duseau is many things. Nurse. Community volunteer. A mother of 4 and grandmother to 10 thriving young people. And she’s also a proud Cooley Baby, born at Cooley Dickinson Hospital like so many people each year.

Are You a Cooley Baby?

Well, a lot of you are! Here’s a mash-up of all of you who stopped by our sidewalk photo booth during Northampton’s Sidewalk Sales.


Assistant Fire Chief. Cooley Baby.

Cooley Babies grow up to do all kinds of amazing things—including Assistant Fire Chief in Amherst, Massachusetts. Like tens of thousands of babies over the years, Lindsay Stromgren got his start at Cooley Dickinson Hospital.

Cooley Babies Run in the Family

Meet the Herfurth family—three generations of Cooley Babies!

What’s it Like Being a Grandparent?

Locals share their insights into the joys of grandparenthood.