Managing your Diabetes

Diabetes Self-Management Education Program

When you enter our program, you will meet with a Diabetes Educator to review your current diabetes self-management care. Depending on your needs, we will develop a plan together that could include group classes, medical nutrition therapy, and individual follow-up education and support.

Diabetes Medical Management

If requested by either you or your Primary Care Provider (PCP), medical management of your diabetes can be scheduled with practitioners who offer short-term consultation or ongoing diabetes management. Diabetes management focuses on matching a diabetes plan to the logistics of your life and providing support as you adjust to life with diabetes.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical nutrition therapy begins with nutrition assessment and counseling to help manage diabetes or prediabetes. Our registered dietitian will review your food and activity habits and work with you on setting goals to achieve better diabetes control. We realize how challenging—and often ineffective—it can be to immediately be placed on a strict “diet,” so our recommendations tend to emphasize the greater importance of making small, lasting changes to your nutritional equation.

Insulin Pump Therapy

We provide education as well as support for insulin pump therapy.