Maternal Fetal Medicine Program

Added Reassurance

For pregnant people with complex conditions, an added level of reassurance.

People with obstetrical risk factors due to age, family history, or previous medical concerns have access to a Mass General maternal fetal medicine specialist at Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton.

Maternal fetal medicine specialists at Cooley Dickinson are available for office consultations for people who meet the criteria for high-risk pregnancies. They offer detailed anatomical survey ultrasounds (level 2 ultrasounds) and consultation for high-risk pregnancies. Appointments are offered at Cooley Dickinson hospital.

Maternal fetal medicine specialists also act as liaisons between Mass General’s and Cooley Dickinson’s obstetrics departments. As a leader in diagnostic ultrasound, Mass General was among New England’s first hospitals to offer first-trimester screening for Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.

About Our Specialists

Sarah BernsteinSarah N. Bernstein, MD, also specializes in Maternal Fetal Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

She has expertise in obstetric ultrasound, diabetes in pregnancy, virtual visits, prenatal testing and diagnosis, and substance use disorders in pregnancy. She earned her medical degree at the Tel Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine, performed her residency at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in New York City, and completed a fellowship at Magee Womens Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.



Ilona GoldfarbIlona T. Goldfarb, MD, MPH, is a perinatologist (obstetrician for high risk pregnancies) at the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

She specializes in preterm birth, cervical incompetence, Zika exposure in pregnancy, infectious disease complications of pregnancy, advanced maternal age in pregnancy, vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC), cardiac disease and hypertension in pregnancy, ultrasound and fetal imaging. She received her MD from the UC Davis School of Medicine, completed a residency at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center and a fellowship at Mass General Hospital. She speaks Russian in addition to English.



Marti SofferMarti Soffer, MD, MPH, is an obstetrician gynecologist and Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital and an Instructor at Harvard Medical School.

As a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist, Dr. Soffer is engaged in clinical research and is currently running a randomized controlled trial on the MGH labor floor to determine the effect of positioning on perineal morbidity among those undergoing their first births. Dr. Soffer has clinical interests in the fields of patient counseling, prenatal diagnosis and ultrasound, diabetes in pregnancy, cardiovascular disease in pregnancy, and preterm labor.

I See You

One of the common uses of ultrasound imaging is to observe the growth of a fetus during pregnancy. Most pregnant people will have at least two sonograms during their pregnancy; one in the first trimester to determine a general date of conception, number of fetuses (especially in people using fertility treatments), and fetal heartbeat; and one at around 20 weeks where more discernible anatomy can be seen and sex determined (if desired).

People with more complicated pregnancies are sometimes advised to receive more frequent ultrasounds to monitor the health of the fetus, or the function of the placenta.

If you are pregnant and want to learn more about the benefits of ultrasound imaging, you can consult your physician, nurse practitioner or midwife about your specific needs.

You can also visit our Childbirth Center, OBGYN & Midwifery and Midwifery Care pages for more information.

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