Patient Testimonials

Melissa and Andrew 

My husband, Andrew, and I (Melissa, 34) participated in Group Prenatal Care during my pregnancy with our daughter, Lucy, our first and only child (so far). We could not recommend Group Care and the Cooley midwives enough. Everyone we interacted with during our perinatal care, down to the administrative staff, nurses, and group facilitator Grace– not to mention the incredible midwives– were so caring and kind. They showed utmost respect for our choices, and explained our options clearly, referencing scientific research when applicable. We were very impressed by the progressive recommendations we received, which aligned with the latest research we could find and knowledge from our privately-hired doula.

We welcomed Lucy in the Childbirth Center with midwife Catherine, nurses, and our doula by our side. Under Cooley’s excellent care, I had an vaginal birth without an epidural. During my long labor, I made use of the shower, the birth tub, and nitrous oxide. Everyone was incredibly patient and supportive while I went with the flow of the contractions, wherever they took me! Birth was a profound, empowering and sacred experience. We stayed in the hospital for 48 hours after birth, where we learned how to care for a newborn (we were clueless!), and Lucy and I learned to breastfeed. We were sad to leave the hospital and all of the staff who surrounded us during our beautiful transition into parenthood.

We opted into Group Prenatal Care in the second trimester, as a way to meet other parents-to-be and have more time with the midwives. It was a very positive experience. During one particularly memorable meeting about halfway through the six bi-weekly sessions, we talked about how to ask for and receive help postpartum, and the emotional landscape during this time. It was meaningful to hear that other pregnant people and their partners were having similar feelings– dealing with similar choices, experiences, highs and lows. And the icing on the cake: the crew of babies! I will always cherish the memory of our joyous cohort reunion, with nine fresh humans in tow.



Tricia and Megan

Cooley Midwifery patients Tricia and Megan.
Cooley Midwifery patients Tricia and Megan with their newborn son.


My wife, Megan, and I (Tricia) chose Cooley Dickinson for the birth of our first child for a number of reasons. Our first reason was its LGBTQ awareness and inclusivity. Second was its overall reputation and the positive experience a number of our close friends had using Cooley as their medical provider for the birth of their children. We opted to have our care provided by the midwives in the practice. At Cooley we experienced prenatal, labor and birthing care that was beyond what we could have hoped for.

We had struggled for years with infertility in order to bring our first into being. We had to fight hard and advocate for ourselves constantly during this highly medicalized process. It was exhausting, vulnerable, and often times painful. Cooley was the antithesis to our prior experience. We felt seen, understood, validated and safe at Cooley every step of the way. From our informative and connecting prenatal group, to each of our prenatal appointments, right through labor and birth, and into our postpartum period, the Cooley staff always treated us with the upmost care, respect, and patience. We were used to being dismissed and/or patronized as women in medical settings and their approach and philosophy was incredibly refreshing, comforting and so appreciated. What struck us most was the midwives and nurses ability to be patient and present in order to witness what was happening for us so they could provide appropriate and effective interventions as needed.

Cooley Midwifery patients Tricia and Megan.I was induced 11 days past my due date. My labor journey was long and winding but the nurses and midwives were incredibly skilled and patient in getting me to my goal of a vaginal birth. I imagine other practices or hospitals would have pushed me into a c-section as it had been over 24 hours since my water had broken. However, my birthing team (our doula, the nurses, the midwives, and my wife) were truly just that: an AMAZING team. They all worked so seamlessly together and all brought different strengths to the table. I am so incredibly grateful to every one of them and the environment they created in order for me to have such a positive and transformational birthing experience.

There are no other people we would have wanted to help us bring our son into the world with. We feel so lucky we chose Cooley. We bow down to them as they do this most important work of shepherding new life out on to the planet with such skill, kindness and grace.


Heather, Jason & Chasen

The Goodhinds—Heather and Jason— chose the Childbirth Center at Cooley Dickinson for the birth of their first child in late 2017. Heather says she has always been a person who wants to give back to her community and trust in the services that are provided locally.

“We live in Hadley. We want to use the resources we have here,” said Heather, whose husband’s family has farmed the fields of Hadley for four generations and counting. “I think it’s important to trust.” Even before getting pregnant, Heather knew she wanted the nurse midwives to deliver their baby. She says she believes in Cooley Dickinson for a few reasons. “I have worked at Cooley Dickinson since 2016. During my time there, I have always been inspired by my co-workers and knew I could entrust them to care for me during one of most important times in my life.” For the Goodhinds, this proved to be true when Heather’s pregnancy and care became challenging.

A man smiling and helping his baby down a playground slide while his wife watches from above

Heather and Jason went through the requisite prenatal education and felt prepared. At her first appointment, midwife Amy Richane told Heather about group classes for prenatal care. “We attended those classes and got to meet so many people who were due around the same time,” said Heather. “It was neat to talk to other people who were going through the same things we were.”

Heather’s pregnancy progressed; she and Jason had a birth plan and thought they knew what to expect. Yet things changed when Heather went to a routine appointment. An elevated blood pressure reading concerned Annie Heath, Heather’s midwife. When the time came to deliver, continued complications meant Heather’s care team recommended a cesarean section.

While the medical team assembled, Heather stayed focused with support from her nurses. Already exhausted, hungry and “a bit blurry,” Heather relied on her nurse support team. “Elaine held me the entire time. I was not sure what to expect and was so nervous, but I could tell Elaine had done this before and I felt safe.”

“My daytime nurse, Tammie, was more amazing than words can describe. She was with me at my most vulnerable point after the procedure. Later, when we were in the early breastfeeding stages, she helped us. She touched our lives and I will never forget the care she gave my family and me.”

 A Full-Circle Experience

Recently, Heather and Jason returned to the Childbirth Center, with their son Chasen, to meet their new nephew and baby Chasen’s new cousin. “Just to see the nurses again; it was full circle for us,” Heather noted.

“Even though this was a tough situation for us as new parents, everyone always made sure we knew what to expect. From beginning to end, the information and support that were offered were excellent and just amazing.”

In the meantime, if expanding their family is in their future, Heather and Jason stand by their first choice. “We would return to the midwives and the Childbirth Center again and again, without a doubt!