Other Reconstructive Surgeries

Reconstructive surgeries aim to restore form and function following an injury, or to correct dysfunctional areas caused by birth defects or disease. We perform:

Skin Cancer Surgery
  • Reconstruction of defects from removal of skin cancers (basal cell, squamous cell, melanoma, and other tumors) on the face or anywhere on the body
  • Post-Mohs surgery reconstruction
Burn Scar Contracture Release Surgery

Repair of functional problems resulting from healed burn scars.

Surgeries Related to Gender Reassignment
  • Facial reconstruction
  • Top surgery (breast/chest reconstruction)

To inquire about any of our reconstructive surgery options, please call us at 413-584-0044.

Restoring Form & Function

What is reconstructive surgery?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery are considered synonymous. Both terms are defined as surgical reconstruction of an area of the body due to birth disorder, disease, or traumatic injury. The goal is to restore form and function in that area.