Occupational Therapy

Often following a traumatic injury or neurological event such as a stroke, you’ll need to work to regain motor skills, coordination and many other simple or complex motions that you used to take for granted. It can seem like a long, hard road, but it’s a road that our skilled, patient occupational therapists have walked many times before with people who started in the same place as you, and who are now living significantly improved lives with much higher levels of functionality and independence.

At Cooley Dickinson Rehabilitation Services, we strive to help you set and meet realistic, achievable goals on your path to recovery. As experienced professionals, we recognize that even the smallest steps forward can be of profound meaning to some of our hardest-struggling clients. We can work with you to improve your quality of life using a variety of therapeutic approaches, including:

  • Hand therapy (nerve, muscle, tendon and joint injuries/diseases)
  • Ergonomics
  • Self-care training
  • Fine motor coordination
  • Visual-perceptual skills
  • Wheelchair/adaptive equipment evaluation and fitting
  • Pain management (desensitization)
  • Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) for lymphedema (swelling of arms and legs)
  • Sensory Integration