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Class Offerings and Pricing


Currently Available Classes:

Adult Fitness
Our Adult Fitness classes are based on a system of high intensity interval training in a safe and supervised environment. A blend of strength, endurance, cardiovascular development, and other components of human functionality allow members of all fitness levels to reach their goals. Our small class sizes allow for more personalized attention. (Check Schedule for both morning and evening classes).

Athletic Performance
This class is geared towards athletes of all calibers. In this class, athletes will learn positional awareness and how to move safely throughout space. With increases in balance and stability, strength, endurance, speed and agility are developed to help athletes perform at their highest potential.

ACL Return to Performance
This class is designed to help those who have undergone ACL reconstruction or other sports medicine hip/knee surgeries return to sport safely by focusing on restoring strength, endurance, mobility, and agility. Working closely with a certified strength and conditioning specialist, individuals of all ages, will be guided through an exercise program that will bridge the gap between physical therapy and their return to performance.

Senior Fitness and Joint Health
This class is designed to provide a safe and supervised environment, in which, older individuals who want to maintain their joints or may/have undergone total joint replacement surgeries can better themselves. This class will provide the knowledge of how to maintain health and functionality through structured training. In communication with our physicians and physical therapists, we have developed a system that will enable our clients to reach their highest potential.

Elite Athletic Performance
This class is geared towards High School and College Aged athletes looking to increase performance and achieve their highest potential within various sports. Training will emphasize all components of performance such as strength, power, movement quality, speed and agility.

Baseball/Softball Preseason Conditioning (Jan-Mar)
Athletes will increase sport-specific skills while avoiding the potential for incurring overuse injuries. Development will take place in linear and rotational power output, speed, agility and acceleration/deceleration. These performance increases will carry over directly to batting, throwing, base running and fielding. Specific strength will also be achieved to reduce the risk of injuries to the shoulder and elbow, as well as to keep athletes healthy and on the field.

Dry Land Hockey Training (May-Aug.)
This clinic is geared towards the youth hockey athlete. The concept combines the importance of injury prevention with necessary aspects of strength and conditioning. Getting off the ice and into the weight room will provide these athletes with an opportunity to improve performance outside of sport specific movement. Along with developing the strength, speed and endurance necessary for competition, they ensure the avoidance of musculoskeletal based overuse injuries.

Class Prices

First Class Offer – Free

Drop-In Class – $20

4 Class Package – $72

8 Class Package – $136

12 Class Package – $192



If booking for someone other than yourself (child, spouse, other family member), please create an account in their name and register them as the client/attendee.




  • Free

Personal Training

  • One/One Personal Training Single Session                        – $70
  • One/One Personal Training 8 Sessions                               – $544
  • One/One Personal Training 16 Sessions                             – $1,040
  • One/One Personal Training 24 Sessions                             – $1,440
  • Virtual Personal Training Single Session                             – $35
  • Virtual Personal Training 8 Sessions                                   – $266
  • Virtual Personal Training 12 Sessions                                  – $378
  • Two/One Personal Training Single Session                        – $80
  • Two/One Personal Training 8 Sessions                               – $608
  • Two/One Personal Training 16 Sessions                             – $1,168

Small Group Personal Training 8 Sessions                                   – currently unavailable



Running Gait Analysis                                                       $120

This specialized evaluation includes an orthopedic screening of posture, lower extremity and lumbar spine range of motion, strength testing of targeted hip and leg muscles, a slow motion video analysis of running on a treadmill from both sides as well as from behind followed by a review of findings with the client. Any areas of concern that are found during this comprehensive evaluation are discussed with the client and appropriate recommendations for stretching, strengthening, and training are discussed. Each client will leave with their written evaluation and an appropriate exercise program as well as helpful training advice.

Email to schedule.