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Meet Our Team

at the Wellness and Sports Performance Center

Jared Bean, CSCS

Jared Bean standing in the Wellness and Sports Performance Center gym

Center Coordinator

A native of Southampton, Jared Bean has been involved with many local sports programs and was active at the collegiate level in contact sports including football and rugby. Competing in athletics at a higher level has helped him to understand the demands on the body from performance over a long period of time. As the Wellness & Sports Performance Center Coordinator, he brings his broad experience in Personal Training, Adult Fitness, Athletic Strength and Conditioning, and Post-operative Strength and Conditioning to a system designed to enable clear communication between Cooley Dickinson’s orthopedic surgeons, physical/occupational therapists and strength and conditioning specialists.

“My ties to this community have brought me back home with the goals of helping all individuals perform to the best of their ability.”

Jared is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, credentialed through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and earned his Bachelor’s in Applied Exercise Science at Springfield College. Working locally with adult populations has brought to light for him the demand for pain-free movement, and as Center Coordinator, he now works daily to provide an environment where all individuals at any level of physical ability can optimize their performance.

“Our goal,” he emphasizes, “is to provide everyone with the ability to improve their quality of life, be it sport performance or execution of daily tasks.”

Natalie Goodman, CPT, FMS

Natalie standing in the Wellness and Sports Performance Center gym

Personal Trainer and Class Instructor

Natalie Goodman has been a personal trainer in Western MA since graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences from UMass Amherst in 2015. She is a certified personal trainer and functional movement specialist through the American Council on Exercise, and has been an avid multi-sport athlete for most of her life. Though team sports like lacrosse, track and field, and gymnastics have made up the majority of her athletic experience, her focus has shifted to more individual movement disciplines like rock climbing, tai chi, yoga, and long distance running. She practices both Wu style and Yang style tai chi, and hopes to bring them to the Wellness and Sports Performance center in the future to further the client’s ability to strengthen and heal the body and mind after being discharged from physical therapy.

Natalie is passionate about getting clients out of pain and into better alignment. She designs custom workout routines for personal training clients that ensure well-balanced workouts, while also working towards the client’s specific goals. Aside from personal training, she also designs and carries out senior fitness/joint health classes, and adult fitness classes. As a functional movement specialist, she prioritizes connecting with client’s physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons in order to ensure the incorporation of the recommended exercises into her client’s workout regiments.

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