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Welcome to the Breast Center at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, a significant advance in women’s health for the Pioneer Valley. Cooley Dickinson’s radiologists, surgeons, nurses, mammography technologists, facilities and environmental personnel, development staff and generous donors collaborated to design, build, fund, and execute the clinical operations of this unique, indispensable center for breast care.

Comprehensive, Convenient Breast Care

The Breast Center brings together advanced diagnostic capabilities with our skilled, compassionate staff and physicians into an easy to navigate, patient-centered environment. Here, in one location, our patients receive consistent, timely, and high-quality health care for all facets of breast care and breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

The Breast Center was conceived as a way to address the needs of our community in a setting that will benefit the most people.

The Center takes a multidisciplinary approach to breast health, with comprehensive services including:

  • Breast exams
  • Breast screening
  • Diagnostic breast imaging
  • Biopsy, wire and marker localization
  • Ultrasound
  • Bone density

The Most Advanced Imaging Technologies

Early detection through mammography screening is the best way to save lives. Optimizing state-of-the-art technologies, the new Center focuses on rapid evaluation and diagnosis of those with abnormal exams and breast masses.

The Breast Center offers leading-edge technologies to improve early detection and treatment of breast cancer. Breast tomosynthesis is the latest breakthrough in mammography and was pioneered at Massachusetts General Hospital. Also called 3D mammography, it provides a clearer, more accurate view of the breast and enables doctors to pinpoint the size, shape and location of abnormalities more effectively. In fact, 3D mammography finds smaller cancers when they are more curable, which can give women more choices for therapy. A complement to standard mammograms, 3D mammography can result in fewer callbacks, better detection, and greater peace of mind.

Benefits of the Breast Center

Greater accuracy, lower X-ray dose, and less discomfort for patients are just several reasons why the Breast Center uses 3D mammography with C-View™ software. According to Hologic.com, C-View software progresses early breast cancer detection further by generating a 2D image directly from the tomosynthesis data, lowering patient radiation dose and compression time, with the added benefit of greater patient comfort.

   Low-dose Radiation, less compression time and better accuracy with Hologic 3D Mammography

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American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Center of Excellence


Cooley Dickinson is proud to have received the ACR Breast Imaging Center of Excellence designation. The BICOE recognizes facilities with this designation only if they are fully accredited by the ACR in all of the following modalities: