The Garden: Frequently Asked Questions

The Garden: Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Garden work with kids?

Yes, The Garden works with kids and their families following the death of someone close.

How old are the kids at The Garden?

5-18 years.

Are kids at The Garden remembering kids?

Some are, some aren’t. At The Garden, kids are remembering someone close who has died (e.g. parent, sibling, grandparent) and for teenagers, we welcome those remembering a close friend.

Do adult caregivers attend The Garden?

Yes, all youth must be accompanied by an adult caregiver. Adults attend so that The Garden can support them as well.

At The Garden does everyone meet together?

After an opening circle all together participants break up into small groups based on age. Our groups: Kids in grades K-2, grades 3-5, middle school, high school, and adults.

What happens in the groups?

Kids participate in planned activities, projects, and games that connect to our pre-set themes and are meant to support them in their grief. The adult group is more discussion-based, allowing for the sharing of successes and challenges of raising grieving children.

What does it cost to attend The Garden?

Nothing. Services at The Garden are free of charge.

Does my family have to live in Northampton?

No, The Garden works with families from all over Western Massachusetts.

Is The Garden only for families when the person died from cancer?

No, The Garden does not have any limits on how, where, or when the person died.

If I am interested in signing up for The Garden, what are the next steps?

Call or email Shelly Bathe Lenn at 413-582-5312 or slenn@cooleydickinson.org to arrange for an intake meeting.

Is The Garden available to speak with my group or organization about services?

Yes! The Garden is available to speak to groups of all sizes (community services groups, places of worship, schools, etc.) on a range of topics related to grief and bereavement. For more information call Shelly Bathe Lenn at 413-582-5312.