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Esthetic Services

There is a beauty inherent in health, a vivacious glow that when you bring it out, gives you an inward feeling of wholesomeness and enhances your own outward projection of confidence and ease—it’s important to both facets of you to be “comfortable in your own skin.”

At Cooley Dickinson Medical Group Women’s Health, we realize that issues like severe acne, folliculitis, or extreme pigment discolorations can have a real impact on the mental and emotional health of a person due to self-confidence issues and social stigma. We also believe that many of the esthetic services we offer can promote improved hygiene, boost confidence, and contribute to positive self-image and habitual self-care. We want you to look good and feel good, inside and out.


We provide a number of esthetic services at our office at 22 Atwood Drive in Northampton, including

  • Mild, organic chemical peels
  • Classic European-style facials
  • Ultrasonic microdermabrasion with LED
  • Acne consultation and treatment
  • Vascular laser treatments (facial capillaries, rosacea)
  • Laser hair removal for all skin types
  • Treatment of ingrown hairs
  • Benign Pigmented lesion removal
  • Laser Tattoo removal

For a detailed menu of our services, click HERE.

Cooley Dickinson Medical Group Women’s Health recommends that all patients have unusual skin irregularities checked by a dermatologist before proceeding with any cosmetic procedure to alter or remove them.

Our hours are:
Wed 9:30 AM – 5 PM
Thu 1 – 9 PM
Sat 9 AM – 5 PM

To schedule an appointment for any of these services,
call: 413-584-2304.


Cooley Dickinson Medical Group Women’s Health Esthetic Services aims to use the most effective, affordable, natural, and reliable products for each of its services, including:

  • Rhonda Allison cosmeceuticals for facial treatments
  • Face Reality products for acne skin care
  • Syneron/Candela lasers including
      • V-Beam laser for vascular treatments
      • GentleMax laser for hair removal
      • Picoway laser for pigmentation and tattoo removal